MP Pressure Regulator, Internal, External, Precision & Piloted size 1/8” to 3”
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MP Pressure Regulator, Internal, External, Precision & Piloted size 1/8” to 3”  
MP Pressure Regulator MP Pressure Regulator
MP Pressure Regulator MP Pressure Regulator
รหัส : PR000R
ยี่ห้อ : MP U.S.A.
รุ่น : MP Pressure Regulator, Internal, External, & Piloted , Precision, size 1/8” to 3”
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Master Pneumatic USA : Pressure Regulator, Internal, External, & Piloted size 1/8” to 3”
M a s t e r P n e u m a t i c regulators are made in a wide range of sizes to suit nearly all industrial requirements for pneumatic pressure regulation. Good pressure regulation is essential to the efficient use of pneumatic equipment. A compressor may supply air at 150 psig, but most of the equipment will operate best at lower pressures. A cylinder, for example, may develop sufficient force for its purpose with 50- psig air. Remember that compressed air is costly, so using higher air pressure than necessary is wasteful, and may also shorten the life of the cylinder. A general purpose pressure regulator is the answer for greater economy and efficiency.
Regulators are of two basic designs. Piston design provides highest airflow; diaphragm design provides high sensitivity and quick response. All regulators are self-relieving, but a non-relieving option is available. A pressure gauge is standard, and gauge ports are at the front and the rear of each unit.
In addition there are precision regulators in all port sizes for applications demanding extra precision in the regulation of air pressure, plus regulators for remote, external piloting.
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MP - - Master Pneumatic USA

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SENTRY REGULATOR Port size 1/8 and 1/4 or fittings for tubing up to 10mm.  Modular units have durable plastic, corrosion resistant bodies. A non-relieving version can be used with water, oil, and many other liquids.

MINIATURE REGULATOR Port sizes 1/8, 1/4. Aluminum-bodied units for inline mounting. Same performance characteristics as the SENTRY models. Brass or stainless steel bodies , and water pressure models are also available.

PRECISION MINIATURE regulators are available to provide outstanding pressure control at relatively low

cost. A large diaphragm area gives high sensitivity, and a small valve seat gives greater precision and little

variation in outlet pressure from fluctuations in supply pressure. With an inlet pressure of 100 psig (7 bar),

repeat ability is within 1/4 psig. Regulated pressure range is 0–60 psig (0–4.1 bar). Optional springs allow  

other pressure ranges. 

GUARDSMAN REGULATOR Port sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1 /2.  Modular units in a balanced valve, piston design with very quick response for fast-cycling valves and cylinders. Two sub-series: R60 models with durable plastic dome, and R75 models with high-strength metal dome for more severe

environments. Regulation performance is essentially the same.

HIGH-FLOW VANGUARD REGULATOR Port sizes 3/4 to 1-1/2. Inline mounting and piston design are featured in these high-air-flow models. An adjustment-locking key to prevent tampering is standard.

PRECISION High-Capacity regulators are also available. They are of diaphragm design, and have essentially the same precise operating characteristics as the Full-Size VANGUARD precision regulators described above. Their larger port sizes, however, make them the choice for very high-air-flow applications.


Regulators operated with external pilots are as precise as the external pilot regulators used. A 1/4” R55M pilot regulator (orR57M precision model) provides an accurately controlled air spring for excellent regulation. The pilot control regulator can be installed at a distance from the main regulator for convenience in making adjustments.

RELIEF VALVE Port size 1/8”  1/4” Relief valves are set for a de sired maximum system pressure, and inserted in a tee downstream of regulated pressure to prevent over-pressurization of the system beyond the relief valve setting. Relief valves are adjustable from 1 to 125 psig (0.07 to 8.6 bar). Optional springs are available for other pressure ranges. If pressure exceeds the relief valve setting it will dump system air to atmosphere or to a valve to provide a warning signal. Port sizes 1/8 and 1/4. A pressure gauge is standard equipment.


Electro-pneumatic servo valves employ the latest in closed loop control technology. Flow rate is typically one scfm , but when used with a volume booster a flow rate in excess of 1,000  scfm can be achieved.

WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR Port size 1/8” to ¼”                                    R13M, R14M Sentry Acetal-Body 1/8 and 1/4                                                      R53MB, R54MB Miniature Brass Body 1/8 and 1/4

MP Regulator Info.pdf

MP Regulator Quick Guide.pdf

MP Gernaral Regulator 1_8 to 3.pdf

MP Precision Regulator.pdf

MP WATER REG BRASS BODY R53 1_8 to 1_4.pdf

MP WATER REG ACETAL BODY R13 1_8 to 1_4.pdf



MP BasicTraining Regulators.pdf


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